The North face of the House as completed by Craig and Zann Jacobrown
The North face of the House as completed by Craig and Zann Jacobrown

I have been a volunteer for the Kitsap County Parks Departments Stewardship Program for many years. I have helped build and maintain trails, assisted with land acquisition fundraising campaigns (sometimes creating and operating giant parade puppets) and now Zann, Jonah and I together with a large group of volunteers have created a mural for the North Kitsap Heritage Park entrance barn.

I have experience producing and teaching the traditional NW Coastal caligraphic art form so when the Suquamish Tribe was able to offer a seed grant to initiate this mural project I was ready to create a very local design. I felt the best use of my ‘stewardship’ time would be to contribute even more hours to promote the aesthetic heritage of this Kitsap County land as well as the frogs of the pond at the park entrance.

I relate deeply to the Frog. I run, I jump from one world to the next and I hope to evolve and transform as I travel from the realm of emotions to the realm of ideas and back. Also, ever since Ed Carriere has invited Jonah and I to join his family canoe, he has insured me that if his family had a crest symbol, he feels an affinity to the Frog Spirit.

Maybe this can help expose more of us to the beautiful North West Frog. Join us for the dedication ceremony in January. Check out the step by step ‘making of’ slide show!

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