Mask Movement Workshops

Neutral and Basel style mask workshops

A LeCoq technique primer.
This mask workshop is an overview of the character-based approach to movement pioneered by master movement teacher Jaques LeCoq. Beginning with an exploration of the neutral mask, participants learn to become free of their own idiosyncratic movements before attempting to embody the simple geometric characteristics and ‘larval’ essence of the Basel masks.
2 to 16 hours

Intro to Commedia dell Arte

This mask workshop will work equally well for students who are will assume roles in a Commedia del ‘Arte show or who wish to learn to embody the stylized European stock characters. We fabricate ten different mask characters and participants explore each of the mask characters physical stance, movement as well as their psychological motivation and inspirational animal movement.
6 to 24 hour

Take a look at our DVD Trailer for a taste of a workshop or as a digital alternative.

Mask Character Development

This mask movement workshop features exercises from Libby Appel’s groundbreaking work ‘Mask Characterization’. Participants choose one of the emotionally enigmatic character masks to use as a tool for exploring their own physical and emotional potential on stage. Often a director will cast, block and rehearse a play and then have this workshop scheduled to help actors imbue their characters with original and genuine movement.
2 to 24 hours

Character building through objects

From theatre of objects to puppetry to choreography complementing the design and geometry of all we bring and use on stage. We read the design of all our planned objects and add movement that helps our audiences to gain a deeper sense of how the 4th dimension naturally flows from the third Movement follows, Line, Weight,Shape and closely behind the psychological overtones associated with all the visual cues. Then we give it voice!
2 to 24 hours