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About Us

Craig Jacobrown’s expertise as a mask designer and puppeteer is informed by his work as a sculptor, with works of wood and bronze in many private and public collections. Craig has been teaching, performing and conducting theatre workshops in schools, colleges and theatres for over thirty years. He trained in the Lecoq method of movement before extensive study in Bali and the Northwest Coast with traditional mask performers and carvers. He also holds a BA in anthropology and a MA in teaching.

Zann Jacobrown’s proficiency as a mask designer and painter is honed from her work as a visual artist and architect, and expressed in the hand-painting and design of our masks. She also studied in Bali and the Northwest Coast, and holds a BA in architecture and an MA in Design.

Toby Jacobrown grew up in his parents’ world of theatre, masks and art. He learned the family craft and at a young age began making, painting, and designing masks and puppets. Soon he was travelling along teaching workshops with his parents, and, as an adult, he began to teach workshops in his own right. He studied theatre, music, and dance at Bennington College as well as in Bali. He has worked as a theatre instructor and teacher in alternative education from Los Angeles to New York to Thailand, and has been acclaimed for his work as writer, director, performer and composer.

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Come by and talk masks and theater in our studio in Indianola, Washington, just a ferry-ride from Seattle.

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Craig, Zann, and Toby Jacobrown
Mask Makers, Performers, and Educators