Mask Theater DVDs and Book

Mask Theater DVDs

Commedia dell’ Arte Masks

This 30 minute Commedia DVD presents Craig Jacobrown as he demonstrates a character mask performer as he ‘reads’ each mask. The lines, weight and shape of each mask reveal most of the information behind the character  including their pace, stance, weight psychology, and the geometry  of their gestures. For each of the ten (10) Commedia characters that the Maskery offers, Craig demonstrates the voice, stance and movement while offering an explanation of the psychology, motivations and cultural significance of each character. In addition to demonstration explanations the DVD features Craig interacting with many groups of students as they practice the movement of each character.

Basel Carnival Masks

This 30 minute mask theater dvd presents Ross Brown of the Maskery affiliate ‘Dark Side Masks’ as he talks about and uses several of the Basel Carnival or Larval masks that the Maskery sells. Ross demonstrates each of six (6) different Carnival characters four human – Military, Charles, Fatty and Idiot and two larval animals – Sloth and Lizard. He explains his approach to this non-verbal style of  theater and the unique stance, pace, gestures and psychology behind each character. Ross also interacts with many students with footage of the students using the masks.


Mask Characterization by Libby Appel

This groundbreaking book outlines Libby Appel’s approach to training students using masks to embody any character from any play or improvisation. The book also includes a full semester of exercises from a college theater course that she designed and taught for years. This in-depth approach to mask theater training is full of ideas and inspiration for both experienced and new teachers.