Theatre Masks

Drama Masks for Theatres and Schools

Our handmade drama masks for theaters and schools are practical, affordable and durable, with some of the highest quality design and workmanship. Theatre instructors and directors, even those with little mask training, tell us how effortlessly these drama masks inspire their actors to use their whole bodies, expand their acting ranges and open their imaginations. Each collection of theatre masks provides months, even years, of exploration for any actor or group of performers.

We believe you will not find drama masks of this quality anywhere else online, and we set prices to be affordable for any budget.  We have masks for sale in all styles for both men and women, including Commedia dell’Arte masks, Venetian masks, carnival masks, Japanese masks, Greek masks, animal masks, neutral masks, and custom masks.  Many of these masks styles are used to train actors and dancers to use their bodies to express emotion.

Browse through our collection of theatre masks using the links above, or ask us a question using our contact form below.  We also provide workshops in mask making and mask theatre, where we can teach traditional styles of building masks and using them in theatre and plays.