Basel and Neutral Mask

Basel Painted a traditional white, the Basel masks are made of light, long-lasting neoprene.

Developed as theatrical tools by legendary mask and movement innovator, Jacques Lecoq, Basel and Larval Masks are excellent for teaching theatrical projection and timing. Inspired by the Swiss Carnival tradition, they are compelling to watch and an ideal instrument for improv and collaboration. Because the masks are silent, the actors focus fully on movement and timing. The simple expressions and clean geometric features help performers to mirror their mask with what Lecoq calls “the great movements of nature.”

Basel Masks, a new movement training DVD by the Maskery’s Craig Jacobrown, features each mask’s stance, role and character. Available soon.

Neutral Mask Painted a traditional white, the Neutral Mask is made of light, long-lasting neoprene.

Movement legend Jacques Lecoq writes in The Moving Body, “Such fundamental things occur with this mask that it has become the central point of my teaching method.” The look of calm equilibrium of the Neutral mask allows the actor to enter a state of perfect openness, discovery, and balance. The mask helps actors to set aside their personal emotions, attitudes and idiosyncrasies to completely immerse themselves in an original character and role.

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