Mask/Puppet Performance


Spirit Mask
The Northwest Native American piece, features striking traditional carved wooden masks and articulated wooden puppets, as well as storytelling, dance and live music. The Maskery is working with long-time collaborators, the LeLaLa Dance Society of Vancouver Island, B.C., amazing First Nations dancers and story tellers who tour and share their Kwakwaka-wakw culture throughout Canada and internationally.

The Hajj and The Zoo
Maskery puppeteers have been collaborating with Yeni Ses, wonderful Turkish musicians, on tour with traditional Turkish-style ‘Karagoz’ shadow puppet shows. The Hajj offers humorous stories from Islam, Judaism and Christianity and the Zoo offers a humorous look at global warming.

World Behind a Mask
A comic look at global mask and puppet traditions and the historical threads that connect them, this show features, seven mask and puppet traditions and featureing seventeen different characters. Audiences are exposed to the unique theater styles of rousing slapstick of Renaissance Italy characters (Commedia del ‘Arte), the silent buffoonery of the Swiss Carnival (Basel) masks, Colorful Turkish shadow puppetry (Karagoz), Balinese Mask Dance and shadow puppets, energetic Liberian village masquerade dance and strong Kwakwaka’wakw NW First Nations mask dance as well as mixed modern American characters. Each character helps to present a collective story of the many functions of mask theater in each respective culture while demonstrating the individual characteristics of their iconic persona. Craig Jacobrown and a musician tour this show throughout the US during the year.


From 1-2- hours
From $350 and up
Negotiable according to specific needs discounts on multiple shows
Transportation, accomodations and materials calculated separately